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Sexual Stiles appreciation post

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fangirling in 2012; people; Evan Peters

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There’s no place for emotion in this.

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Some Harry Potter Facts.
 Emma Watson's favorite HP book is Prisoner of Azkaban and Rupert Grint's favorite HP book is The Goblet of Fire.
 Neville asked the Sorting Hat to be put in Hufflepuff beacuse he found Gryffindor's reputation bravery intimidating.
 Most of the members of the Black family are named after stars.
 Voldemort cannot love because he was concieved under the effects fo a Love Potion.
 The first Harry Potter novel was published in 1998, the same year that the final Battle of Hogwarts take place. "I open at the close."
 J.K. Rowling has said that when she took an online Sorting Hat quiz it sorted her into Hufflepuff.
 Both Sirius and Fred, Hogwarts pranksters from different generations, died laughing.
 Tom Marvolo Riddle is also an anagram for "immortal odd lover."
 Slytherin house was the first and last house mentioned in the series.
 October 9 of 1995, Dumbledore's Army meets in the Room of Requirement for the first time to practice the Disarming Charm.
 In the movie scene "Nineteen Years Later", Tom Felton's girlfriend Jade Gordon makes an appearance as Draco's wife, Astoria Greengrass.
 Voldemort is bald because this way people can't use his hair in a Polyjuice Potion.
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Adamogen feels

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Scene meme: Tony (2/5)

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